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About Us: The Hogans Legacy

Hogans Family Jewellers is the story of three generations, possessing a historic connection with fine jewellery.

At Hogans, we've been crafting bespoke fine jewellery since 1945. From humble beginnings in Griffith and Leeton, to where we we stand today in Toowoomba, Hogans has always been committed to providing quality fine jewellery and service that is second to none. The end result is a piece that can be loved for a lifetime, and passed down to generations to come.⁠

As a family owned and operated specialist jeweller, we are now recognised as one of Australia’s longest established jewellers. Now led by our 3rd generation jeweller, Lachlan Hogan, our team of award-winning jewellery designers, highly qualified jewellers, gemsetters and sales consultants are dedicated to delivering an exceptional product and an unrivalled customer experience just as our Founders, Jack and Madeleine Hogan intended.

Founders, Jack and Madeleine Hogan, open first store in Leeton, New South Wales

Having worked in the jewellery department of David Jones in Sydney, our Founder, Madeleine Hogan, discovered a love for fine jewellery. It was in 1945, that her and her husband Jack opened their very own jewellery store in Leeton, NSW.

Sadly Jack and Madeleine Hogan, my Grandparents and founders of the business, aren't around today to see what it's become but I think if they were and if they saw what we've now achieved, I don't think they'd believe it.

Lachlan Hogan, Managing Director and Third Generation Jeweller

A New Era

December 2022 marked the new era of Hogans as we moved into our new purpose built showroom and workshop located at 241 Margaret Street, Toowoomba. We invite you to explore our new space which allows unparalleled access to view our award-winning craftsmen and women as they forge bespoke jewellery.



Bespoke Feature: Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant
Bespoke Features

Bespoke Feature: Rubellite Tourmaline Pendant

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Bespoke Feature: The Toowoomba Mayoral Chains
Bespoke Features

Bespoke Feature: The Toowoomba Mayoral Chains

This year, Hogans had the great privilege of contributing to one of our city's greatest historic artefacts. Join us as we shine a light on the Toowoomba Mayoral Chains.

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