Lay-By Policy

At Hogans Family Jewellers, we offer a lay-by payment option for our customers. A lay-by is defined as an agreement between the customer and Hogans Family Jewellers to purchase an item of jewellery. For our full lay-by terms and conditions, please see below.

1. A minimum and non-refundable deposit amount of 20% of the total item price is required for any ready-to-wear jewellery products.

2. A minimum and non-refundable deposit amount of 50% of the total item price is required for any new bespoke makes. Please note that if a piece is custom-made and a customer wishes to cancel the lay-by, the 50% deposit will be forfeited.

3. The maximum term of a lay-by at Hogans Family Jewellers is three (3) months, however, an extended time frame may be approved at the sole discretion of Hogans Family Jewellers. This agreement will be detailed by Hogans Family Jewellers on the lay-by receipt.

4. To maintain the lay-by, the customer must make monthly instalment payments as a minimum.

5. Should the minimum monthly payment schedule not be maintained the lay-by may be cancelled by Hogans Family Jewellers.

6. Cancellation of a lay-by will incur a termination fee of $50 will be charged to cover our reasonable costs.

7. Hogans Family Jewellers may recover any unpaid termination fee from the customer if the amounts paid by the customer under the lay-by agreement are not enough to cover the termination fee.

8. A customer may only have one active lay-by at a time and any existing lay-by’s must be paid off in full before starting a new one.

9. Changes in address or contact details must be provided to Hogans Family Jewellers in writing by the customer who has agreed to the lay-by.

10. When you enter this lay-by agreement you agree to pay the price of the item at the time of approving the contract. If the item’s price is increased or decreased, you are still required to pay the original price you accepted in this agreement.

11. Hogans Family Jewellers reserves the right to hold the jewellery product until full payment has been received.

12. The customer must present their receipt or proof of identification at the time of collecting lay-by items.