As a bespoke jeweller with a workshop on-site, our jewellery is either handcrafted to order or can be resized if the piece is from our ready-to-wear collection. Our rings are made to standard Australian ring sizes, based on an alphabetical scale that ranges from F – Z. These letters correlate with the internal diameter of the band which is measured in millimetres as show in our ring sizing chart. If you are an international customer, please refer to the internal diameter measurements within our ring sizing chart for a more accurate size conversion.

At Hogans, we strongly recommend having your finger size measured in store by a trained sales consultant, however we understand this can be difficult and visiting a local jeweller may not be an option. That’s why we’ve created a ring sizing chart which will give you the best possible idea of your finger size without having to visit your local jeweller or our showroom in Toowoomba. To download the size guide, visit the below link and follow one of the suggested measuring methods.

Download size guide 

Measuring Methods 

Method 1: Measure an existing ring
If you already own a ring that is a perfect fit, simply measure the internal diameter and use the size guide to determine its size. See image below for a reference of the internal diameter.

Method 2: Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your finger
If you have a measuring tape, simply measure the circumference of your chosen finger and find the correlating measurements on our ring size guide. 

Method 3: Use a ring sizer
If you have purchased a ring sizer, simply assemble and slip it onto your chosen finger. The sizer needs to be a snug fit however still loose enough that you can slip it back over the knuckle comfortably. You may choose to leave it on throughout the day to ensure you’re happy with the fit.

Things to Keep in Mind

Band Profile, Width & Thickness

Please note that brand profile, width and thickness can vary from ring to ring. If you are opting for a wider than normal band, we always suggest increasing your finger size by a ½ to full Australian size. At Hogans, our standard band width is 1.8mm and our standard profile is flat.

Resizing and Adjustments
If you’ve found a Hogans ring that you love though the size is not quite, our jewellers will be able to resize it in most instances. Resizing within 2 size ranges is included as a complimentary service with any new ring purchases. If further adjustments are required outside of these 2 sizes, our jewellers will assess whether the piece can be resized further, and a tailored quote will be provided.

Metals & Specialised Finishes
In some instances, rings may be manufactured with a specialised finish to them which means that we won’t be able to resize these rings. If this is the case, we will ensure this is noted in the product description. 

Finger Size Fluctuation 
Finger sizes can fluctuate due to various reasons including body temperature changes during seasonal weather changes, and so always recommend measuring your chosen finger at different times throughout the day to determine an average size.

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