Twelve Memorable Mother’s Day Gifts For Mum

Mother's Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring and celebrating the incredible women who have shaped our lives with their love, care, and wisdom. When it comes to expressing our gratitude, few gifts are as timeless and cherished as jewellery. Whether it's a high-quality diamond ring, a pair of elegant drop pearl earrings, or a locket suspended from a fine trace chain, the right piece of jewellery can convey love, appreciation, and admiration in a way that words often cannot. In this latest journal, we showcase our very own curated selection of gifts to give you some much-needed inspiration.

1. 9K YG Baroque Huggie Earrings (P2306)
Price: $1,555.00

If your Mum loves to make a statement, these baroque pearl drop huggies are the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. Known for their organic form, no two baroque pearls are the same, their freeform shape making them completely unique. If she’s also the type to wear a matching set, our ready-to-wear collection features a number of baroque pearl necklets and bracelets that will create the perfect ensemble.

2. 18K YG Sunflower Signet Ring & Diamond Huggie (R7540 & R9265)
Price: From $2,680.00 & $2,485.00 

If your Mum is the kind of woman that loves an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery, a signet ring is the perfect gift. Much like a mother's love, a signet ring endures through generations, representing strength, unity, and heritage. Our sunflower signet ring is the perfect thing for your Mum this Mother’s Day, sunflowers are known for evoking feelings of warmth, joy, and happiness, the perfect gift for a hardworking woman. To make your gift even more special, why not pair your signet ring with one of our diamond set huggies, shaped perfectly alongside each other.

3. 9K RG Plain Oval Locket (G6810)
Price: $450.00

For the Mums who love a sentimental keepsake, a locket is the perfect gift, representative of love, connection, and cherished memories. Our 9k plain rose gold oval locket offers a special place to hold a precious photograph close to the heart. For the Mothers who cherish family memories, a locket serves as a tangible expression of gratitude and appreciation for their nurturing presence.

4. 14K YG Keshi Freshwater Pearl Necklace (P2319)
Price: $1,070.00

If your Mum loves something entirely unique, our 14k Keshi freshwater pearl necklace is the gift for her. Like Baroque pearls Keshi pearls are freeform in shape, however, each unique Keshi pearl is formed spontaneously as an accidental byproduct of the pearl culturing process, representing the beauty found in life's unexpected moments. Beyond their natural allure, the Keshi pearl is said to symbolise maternal love, reflecting the irreplaceable bond between a Mother and her child.

5. Adina Ladies Kensington Dress Watch (W1893)
Price: $349.00

If your Mum is all about the simple things in life, the Adina ladies Kensington dress watch is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. As Mothers often balance numerous responsibilities, a dress watch serves as both a practical accessory and a timeless statement piece. Adina is a well renowned family owned and operated business hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that each watch is not only a reliable timekeeper but also a symbol of sophistication and refinement.

6. 9K WG Diamond Set Onyx Ring (to be photographed) (R4937)
Price: $1,195.00

Crafted in 9k white gold, this diamond set onyx ring is the perfect addition to your Mum’s jewellery collection. Onyx is representative of strength, protection, and resilience, serving as a reminder of the unwavering support and unconditional love that Mothers’ provide. Paired with the brilliance of diamonds, which symbolise eternity, and love, this ring becomes a powerful emblem of the enduring bond between a Mother and her child. A simple yet elegant ring with a heartfelt meaning that would make for a Mother’s Day gift she would never forget. 

7. 9K Freshwater Pearl Euro Bolt Bracelets (P2433 & P2358)
Price: From $1,165.00

For the classical Mum who loves a timeless accessory, our freshwater pearl bracelets fitted with euro bolts are the perfect piece this Mother’s Day. Freshwater pearls are an embodiment of elegance and tradition, its delicate beauty serves as a reminder of the grace and strength that Mothers impart, while their versatility ensures they can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion.

8. 9K YG Petite Diamond Circle Necklace (G8142)
Price: $960

Crafted in 9k yellow gold, this petite diamond circle necklace is the perfect Mother's Day gift for its timeless design and profound symbolism. For the sentimental Mum’s, this delicate circle pendant represents infinite love, unity, and continuity, it is an endless loop without any breaks or corners set to symbolise eternity. Adorned with diamonds, the necklace adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, with its petite size making it versatile and suitable for everyday wear.

9. 18K RWG Australian Sapphire and Pink Diamond Cluster Ring (R9412)
Price: $17,160.00

If you are looking to treat your Mum this Mother’s Day, this one-of-a-kind Australian sapphire and white and Argyle pink diamond cluster ring would be the ultimate surprise. Crafted in 18k rose and white gold, this ring features a vibrant deep blue oval cut centre Australian Sapphire surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut white diamonds and flanked by Argyle pink diamonds. An extravagant ring that once on, she would never want to take off.

10. Adina Ladies Flaire White Dress Watch (W1906)
Price: $289.00

The modern two-tone Adina ladies Flaire white dress watch is a perfect everyday watch for the practical Mum. As Mothers often balance numerous responsibilities, a dress watch serves as both a practical accessory and a timeless statement piece. Adina is a well-renowned family owned and operated business in Brisbane, Australia. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that each watch is not only a reliable timekeeper but also a symbol of sophistication and refinement. 

11. 9K WG Star Set Disc Necklace (G7270)
Price: $950.00

Set upon a textured 9k white gold disc, this star set diamond pendant features a dainty star set brilliant cut diamond in the centre and has been suspended from a fine 45cm chain. For the Mum’s that appreciate intricate detail combined with minimalist aesthetics, this necklace is destined to impress her and is versatile enough to be worn everyday either on its own or layered with other necklaces and chains.

12. Gift Voucher
Price: From $50

Finally, for the Mum who is difficult to buy for or just seems to have everything, we suggest gifting her a Hogans gift voucher that she can later use to purchase a piece from our collection or perhaps use towards a handcrafted bespoke piece of her own. Best of all, like our pieces of jewellery, you can purchase these and have them posted to you, or if you'd prefer a digital copy, you also have the option to have a copy emailed through for printing.

We hope this has given you plenty of gift-giving inspiration. If you have any enquiries or would like to make a purchase, please reach out to our team via email or phone.


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