The Art of Ring Resizing

At Hogans Family Jewellers, we take pride in our 78-year legacy as a family-owned business based in Toowoomba. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through the meticulous work carried out in our in-house workshop. One of the most frequent tasks our skilled craftsmen undertake is resizing rings. In this blog, we delve into the intricate process of resizing rings, showcasing the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating a perfect fit for every ring, from engagement rings to wedding bands and every ring in between.

1. The Precision of Measurement:
Our journey into resizing begins with precise measurement. Using our ring sizing tools, our expertly-trained Showroom Consultants will measure your finger to determine how many sizes the existing ring needs to be taken up or down. During this process, we will be able to give an accurate cost for the resizing job, whether the ring is crafted in yellow, white or rose gold, or even sterling silver.

Using a vernier caliper, our craftspeople will measure the ring, determining the exact adjustments needed. Whether it's tailoring a new ring that's been purchased from our showroom collection or resizing a cherished heirloom, this initial step sets the stage for a customised and perfect fit.

2. Tailoring to a Smaller Size:
For those looking to resize their ring to a smaller size, our craftsmen delicately remove the required amount of metal from the ring shank. This process demands precision and finesse, ensuring that the structural integrity of the ring remains intact throughout the resizing procedure.

3. The Art of Soldering:
Once the resizing is determined, soldering becomes the next crucial step. Solder is meticulously applied to the designated area and then heated with a torch to seamlessly close the join. This step not only ensures a secure bond but also lays the foundation for a smooth transition during the resizing process.

4. Shaping and Perfecting:
Using a jeweller's mandrel, our craftsmen take the time to shape the resized ring, ensuring it maintains a perfect roundness and accurate sizing. The meticulous attention to detail at this stage is crucial in achieving a flawless fit.

5. Refining for a Seamless Finish:
To achieve a seamless finish, the soldered section undergoes careful filing, followed by smoothing with emery paper. This process ensures that there are no visible imperfections, resulting in a ring that not only fits perfectly but also boasts a polished and refined appearance.

6. Stone Setting and Quality Checks:
Our craftsmen take the time to inspect and tighten the stones in the resized ring, ensuring that every element is secure and pristine. Following this, the ring undergoes a comprehensive quality check, where our skilled professionals meticulously examine every detail using a professional jeweller's loupe at 10x magnification.

7. Polishing and Finishing Touches:
For rings made of white gold, an additional step involves immersing the ring in a rhodium solution to achieve a high-shine and strong finish. The ring is then polished, bringing out its inherent beauty and ensuring it meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

8. Final Quality Inspection:
Before a resized ring leaves our workshop, it undergoes a final quality inspection. Our craftsmen utilise a jeweller's loupe at 10x magnification to scrutinise every intricate detail, ensuring that the ring not only meets but exceeds our highest standards of workmanship.

At Hogans Family Jewellers, the art of resizing rings is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and personalised service. From precise measurements to meticulous reshaping and finishing touches, every step in the resizing process is undertaken with the utmost care. When you choose Hogans Family Jewellers for ring resizing, you're not just getting a perfectly fitted ring – you're receiving a piece of art crafted with passion and dedication to excellence. Best of all, no appointments are required for ring resizings and typically this process only takes up to a week. If rings are required to be resized on the same day, please let our team know by calling or emailing and we will endeavour to accommodate.

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