Our Guide to Understanding Pink Diamonds

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Diamonds have long been treasured for their brilliance and hardness, but among these precious stones, pink diamonds hold a special place. Pink diamonds are among the most captivating and valuable gemstones in the world, celebrated for their rarity and beauty. Their unique colour, combined with their scarcity, makes them highly sought after by collectors and jewellers alike.

Pink diamonds are primarily found in a few select regions of the world, with the Argyle Mine in Western Australia being the most prolific source, its closure in 2020 heightening the scarcity and, consequently, the value of these gemstones. The Argyle Mine required the extraction of large amounts of ore to yield a relatively small number of pink diamonds and therefore was the lead cause of the closure. Before its closure, it was said to have been the world’s most reliable source of natural pink diamonds, with more than 90% of all pink diamonds’ being sourced from this one mine.

Unlike other coloured diamonds, which derive their hues from chemical impurities or trace elements, the pink hue is believed to be derived from distortion in their crystal structure or plastic deformation. Plastic deformation is defined as the process of ‘creating defects in the diamond’s atomic structure by rearranging the tightly arranged carbon atoms, therefore alters how light is absorbed and reflected by the diamond,’ (Dipinka, International Gemmological Reports, 2015).

Image Credit: 2020 Argyle Diamonds Limited.

The intensity and distribution of the pink colour in diamonds vary widely, influencing their value significantly. The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) grades pink diamonds on a scale ranging from "Faint" to "Fancy Vivid," with the most prized pink diamonds exhibiting a strong, even colour without secondary hues. The Argyle Diamond mine, on the other hand, uses a combination of colour categories and colour intensity scales to grade their pink diamonds. The categories include ‘purplish pink’, ‘pink’, ‘pink rose’ and ‘pink Champagne’. Once categorised they are then graded by colour intensity, one being the most intense and nine being the least intense.

The combination of rarity, historical price performance, intrinsic beauty, and increasing global demand makes pink diamonds a compelling investment option. As the market for these gems continues to evolve, pink diamonds will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the gemstone industry. Here at Hogans Family Jewellers, our jewellers have hand-selected a number of high-quality Argyle pink diamonds that are available to purchase and incorporate into any bespoke design. In addition, we also stock a range of ready-to-wear Argyle pink diamond pieces, from extravagant rings to pendants. Without further ado, we present our favourite pieces from this collection.

1. 18K WRG White & Argyle Pink Diamond Halo Ring: Crafted in 18k white and rose gold, this cluster-style ring showcases a 0.39ct round brilliant cut Argyle-certified pink diamond framed by an inner halo of round brilliant cut pink diamonds and an outer halo of round brilliant cut white diamonds.

2. 18K RWG Pink & White Diamond Floral Stud Earrings: Crafted in 18k rose and white gold, these floral style stud earrings feature an Argyle pink diamond centre stone, surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut white diamonds.

3. 18K WRG White and Argyle Pink Diamond Double Circle Pendant: Crafted in 18k white and rose gold, this double circular pendant features a contrasting combination of round brilliant cut white diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds.

4. 18K WRG Oval Argyle Pink & White Diamond Ring: Crafted in 18k white and rose gold, this cluster style ring features an oval cut Argyle pink diamond surrounded by an inner halo of Argyle pink diamonds and outer halo of white diamonds. To complete the design the splint shank shoulders have been set with petite white diamonds.

5. 18K RG Pink & White Diamond Halo Stud Earrings: Crafted in 18k rose gold, these stud earrings feature a stunning centre Argyle pink diamond, encased by a halo of petite round brilliant cut white diamonds, completed with a milgrain finish.

6. 18K WRG Circular White and Argyle Pink Diamond Necklace: Crafted in 18k white and rose gold and suspended from a 45cm trace chain, this circular style pendant features a cluster of petite Argyle pink diamonds surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut white diamonds.

Whether you're making a selection for yourself, or for a loved one, a pink diamond is an immensely rare and equally stunning gemstone to own. Shop our entire pink diamond collection now by visiting this page. Alternatively, if you're interested in viewing our loose pink diamond collection to incorporate into a bespoke piece, please contact our team.

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