Our Essential Guide To Signet Ring Embellishments

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In recent years, the signet ring has risen to unprecedented popularity to become a jewellery staple. From showcasing engraved initials to family crests, the piece has evolved from what it was once created for – to mark, seal and authenticate documents with family crests or hieroglyphics using hot wax.

Now with the capability of both computer aided design (CAD) and handmade jewellery manufacturing techniques, the design potentials are seemingly endless. As a standard quality benchmark, Hogans’ signet rings are made from solid 9k or 18k gold to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, and can be resized with ease. Although hollow or gold‑plated signets may seem more cost effective, in the long run, you will find yourself paying for maintenance and repairs to eliminate unwanted dents or worn plating. Our expert advice – opt for solid gold every day of the week!

Of course, design is the true reason we are here. From the intricate to the classic, designs can vary greatly to suit the desired look of their wearer. So, without further ado, we present our guide to signet ring embellishments.

NO. 1

Plain: Simple and Versatile

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a signet ring plain faced if you prefer a clean‑cut look. Maintenance is easy, and there’s always the option to add stones or engraving if you have a change of mind in the future. Taking this into account, they make the perfect gift as the wearer can choose exactly how they’d like to embellish it once it’s received.

NO. 2

Engraved Initials: Classic and Personalised

One of the most popular design embellishments is the monogram. Featuring hand‑engraved initials on the signet ring’s face, this adds another level of personalisation. At Hogans, we use a specialist hand‑engraver who offers various fonts, from cursive script to block. Most however, opt for interlocking script.

NO. 3

Stone Set Face: Vintage and Ornate

As a trending style in the early 20th century, setting a gemstone into the face by either tap setting or star setting can give a signet ring a vintage‑inspired look. Whether it’s a birthstone or a stone with sentimental value, our highly skilled gem‑setters exercise meticulous attention to detail to ensure the stone is secured tightly and the star point markings are sharp. 

NO. 4

Floral: Intricate and Feminine

Thanks to computer aided designs, we are now able to craft beautifully intricate pieces like this custom designed three‑dimensional sunflower signet ring. Of course, the creativity doesn’t have to stop at florals. Think nautical related objects, cooking utensils, any three‑dimensional object that can be digitally rendered and scaled down to fit on a signet ring’s face.

NO. 5

Diamond Set Huggie: Elevated and Extra

No matter the design, signet rings can be elevated just that little bit further by stacking a custom fit, stone set band alongside the piece. At Hogans, we custom fit these bands to each and every signet ring to achieve a cohesive look before setting the band with high quality diamonds. Be it coloured precious gemstones or diamonds, the beauty is there is no limit to which stones you use.

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