Hogans Couples: Georgia & Sam

Another year has passed, and we are so thrilled to bring you another Hogans Couples feature, a segment where we shed light on some of the beautiful engagements and weddings from our loved-up couples.

Without further ado, we introduce Mr and Mrs Mason who tied the knot last year. Having sourced our expertise to craft an oval solitaire diamond engagement ring, the couple returned to our showroom & workshop in Toowoomba for his and her bespoke wedding rings. Today we are absolutely delighted to be sharing their love story – from how Georgia and Sam met, to their engagement and even the couples truly magical wedding day hosted at Goonoo Goonoo Station, Tamworth.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did you and your now Husband meet?

A - Georgia: Sam and I first crossed paths when I was in year 10 and he was in year 11 at a school social, however, it was not until a couple of years later that our love story began. I had just finished Year 12 and was living back at home with my parents in Mundubbera before waiting to move to Brisbane to begin University. During this time, I liked an ‘old’ photo of Sams on Facebook which led to him sending me a message. After weeks of chatting, we then arranged to travel to a mutual friend’s 18th birthday together and the rest was history! We moved back to Toowoomba in 2019 and brought our first home.

Q: Take us through all the details of the proposal and that special ‘YES’ moment.

A - Sam: The engagement took place at a farm stay on our way down to Victoria for a snow holiday. I had booked the Airbnb some time in advance with that as my plan to do it there. Not wanting to give away any clues. I made out to Georgia that the Airbnb was the cheapest form of accommodation while travelling and cheaper than motel rooms. She couldn’t believe the value for money when we pulled into the quaint Airbnb, which also included a cheese platter and some Champagne. That afternoon was spent lighting fireplaces trying to create an ambient and romantic setting. Once the sun started to set, I suggested we go for a walk through the tree lined driveway as the sun was shining through the trees. Before we went for the walk, I just had to grab a “beer” (the ring) of course. Once I put the ring box in my pocket, I knew I would be busted before even going for the walk. So, I approached Georgia at the fire and dropped to one knee and asked the question. I was very glad to hear her response of YES. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in front of the fire enjoying a glass of Champagne, telling stories and ringing our friends and family.

Q: Georgia’s engagement ring design is simply timeless, featuring a solitaire oval cut diamond set in 18k yellow gold. Sam, did Georgia pass on any engagement ring design inspiration or did you have a clear idea of what she wanted?

A - Sam: Georgia had dropped a few hints over the years that she liked simple and timeless wedding rings. About 8 months prior to the proposal, she had sent an oval cut diamond ring to me on Instagram. I pulled up this photo during my first consultation with Lachy and ran with it, hoping that it still fit her brief.

Q: Another question for Sam. How did you find the design process from inception through to delivery of the final piece?

A - Sam: The design process was straight forward and a breeze. My first interaction was a quick pop into the shop to have a chat to Lachy about the process. I then booked an appointment with Lachy for the following week for a design consultation. This was a quick meeting to show Lachy the ring I had in mind, and he said "no worries, easy done". Lachy did up a sketch in the week to follow, with my confirmation the ring production stage was in progress. As I had a holiday booked in with the planned engagement day looming time was of the essence and Hogans were more then happy to work within these deadlines, so I had the ring ready for the big day.

Q: You were lucky enough to celebrate your wedding at the restored 1830’s sheep station, Goonoo Goonoo Station. Tell us more about your special day spent in the countryside of Tamworth celebrating your love, and the most memorable moments.

A – Georgia & Sam: Where to begin.. We absolutely loved our wedding venue and the whole weekend away with our friends and family. We had some wet weather the morning of our wedding, which meant we had to change the location of our ceremony last minute. Whilst it was stressful at the time, it all worked out in the end and a memorable moment for us was walking out of the chapel after our ceremony to see blue skies and the sun beaming down on us! It was also just so fun to have most of our guests staying on site at Goonoo Goonoo with us and being together for a weekend of celebrations!

Q: What was the biggest decision you had to make when it came to your wedding day?

A – Georgia: I would probably say the biggest decision was picking my wedding dress. I found this process fun but also quite difficult and a little overwhelming.

Q: Is there anything you would do differently?

A – Georgia & Sam: We can’t think of anything major we would change or do differently. Our day all ran smoothly apart from the little hiccup with weather in the morning – but we all know you can do much about that!

Q: Finally, what would be your advice to those who are either planning a proposal or wedding?

A – Georgia & Sam: Our advice would be to try and enjoy the process. It really does go by so quickly, and whilst this can be easier said than done try not to let the stress and decision-making fatigue take the fun out of the whole experience.

Also try not to use social media too much for inspiration. Be clear about your vision and try to stick with this. Social media can sometimes give you a false truth and the photos you are looking at for inspiration can at times be way out of your budget. Talk to your vendors about ways you can cut costs but still achieve your overall vision.

Ceremony Venue: Goonoo Goonoo Station
Reception Venue: Goonoo Goonoo Station
Photographer: Leah Cruikshank
Videographer: Castle & Crown
Wedding Dress: Sphere Bridal Gallery
Make Up: Mirror Mirror Make Up Artistry
Hair Stylist: Grace Roby Hair
Flowers: Tall Poppy Florist
Engagement Ring & Wedding Rings: Hogans Family Jewellers

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