Hogans Couples: Emma & Lachy

Welcome to our first Hogans Couple feature – a journal detailing the unique love stories of our special customers. From initial beginnings to proposals and weddings, these lovely couples have been ­­kind enough to open up about these milestone moments, sharing valuable advice along the way.

Without further ado, we introduce our first feature couple: Emma and Lachy. When Lachy visited Hogans in 2022 to have an engagement ring handmade by our Master Jeweller, Lachlan Hogan, there was something truly special about his request. Today we are absolutely delighted to be sharing their love story and the unique details of this engagement ring.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How did you meet? 
A - Emma: We were both born and bred in Roma, just west of Toowoomba, Queensland. Lachy is a boilermaker by trade but has been working on the family farm since 2016. I’m a nurse and moved back to Roma at the end of 2019. As young singles, we had both swiped right towards the end of 2018 but had never had the chance to meet in person. We then officially met at the start of 2020, after running into each at our local pub in Roma and the rest was history.

Q: Take us through all the details of the proposal and the moment Emma said yes.
A - Emma: It was a Friday afternoon, and we were going for a drive around Lachy’s family cattle property where he works. We had planned to be at the dam for casual sunset drinks. Little did I know what was about to unfold. Lachy had planned everything down to the very last detail. He stashed a bottle of Champagne on ice with flutes, picked a beautiful rose from the garden and had the ring box stashed away safely in the buggy. After pulling up to the dam, we set up some camping chairs by the water, and just before the sun had set behind the horizon, Lachy got down on one knee. It’s safe to say, there were tears flowing from both sides before I said yes.

Q: Your engagement ring has such a unique story making it all the more sentimental. Are you able to share the magical details, particularly around the Australian sapphire centre stone?
A - Lachy: At just 10 years old, my family and I set off on a holiday to visit the Central Queensland town of Emerald – a region known for its abundance of Australian Sapphires. During this holiday, our family decided to book a trip to the Gemfields located at Rubyvale. We paid for a wheelbarrow’s worth of dirt and a fossicking kit. As I sifted through a mound of dirt with my sieve, something caught my eye. We dusted it off and took it back to be inspected where it was confirmed to be an Australian Parti Sapphire. My Mum then arranged for it to be cut and polished on-site, and a few weeks later it was posted back to her for safekeeping. It was 23 years later that she pulled it out.

Q: Lachy, did Emma pass on any engagement ring design inspiration or did you take the reins?
A - Lachy: No, not all. I knew the sapphire had to be the hero and wanted a setting to do it justice. I purposefully never mentioned to Emma that I had a gemstone I one day wanted to use because I wanted to keep it a complete surprise.

Q: Another question for Lachy. How did you find the design process from inception through to delivery of the final piece?
A - Lachy: I found it quite easy, interesting and a lot of fun. I told Lachlan I wanted the sapphire in the middle, front and centre with white diamonds around the outside. He grabbed a ring from the showcase as a guide and we played around with design, colours and shapes. It turned out even better than I could have ever imagined. Lachlan’s eye for detail and creativity was incredible to watch and be a part of.

Q: You were lucky enough to celebrate your wedding just west of Toowoomba in a town called Roma. Tell us more about your special day and the most memorable parts.
A - Emma: Lachy and I had 13 months to plan our wedding and the day was even more amazing than we could have ever hoped for. We were married in our friend’s beautiful garden and moved over to Bassett Park in Roma to enjoy dinner with our guests, following by dancing under a canopy of fairy lights. We had some incredible vendors, friends and family who helped us pull everything together and our day would not have been the same without them. One of our favourite moments of the day was when we were able to duck away together for sunset photos. We were able to have a couple of quiet hours together, where we reflected on just how special our ceremony and day had been so far.

Lachy and I were so humbled to have so many of our friends and family travel to Roma for the occasion. It was so special to have everyone from different stages of our lives spend time in our hometown and to celebrate our love and wedding.

Q: Finally, what would be your advice to those who are either planning a proposal or wedding?
A - Emma & Lachy: Our one piece of advice is that there will be times of doubt when planning a wedding but stick to your guns and plan something that’s true to yourselves and this really will shine through on the day. It is so cliché, but your wedding day really does fly by so quickly so make sure you enjoy every moment and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Ceremony Venue: Private
Reception Venue: Bassett Park
Photographer: Jessica Turich
Videographer: Filmed by Bolton
Wedding Dress: Jacqueline May Bride
Make Up: Mirror Mirror Make Up Artistry
Hair Stylist: Meraki & Me Hair Studio
Styling: Emily Beutel Weddings
Flowers: Flowers by Forrest
Engagement Ring & Wedding Rings: Hogans Family Jewellers
Catering: Ricky's Delight Catering

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