Our Guide to Gemstone Varieties

Among the vast array of gemstones, there are several varieties that have long held a special place in our hearts. In brief guide to gemstone varieties, we will focus on diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and semi-precious gemstones.


Sapphires belong to the corundum family and owe their blue color to the presence of trace elements such as titanium and iron. However, sapphires are not limited to blue; they can be found in an array of colours, including pink, yellow, green, and even white sapphires. More recently, Australian sapphires have become popular with their typical colour combinations of green and blue. With a hardness that's only second diamonds, sapphires of any colour are ideal for pieces that are intended to be worn everyday, such as an engagement ring. At Hogans we stock an exclusive collection of range of Australian, Padparadscha, peach, pink, yellow and Ceylon sapphire jewellery and loose gemstones.


As supplies from around the world are diminishing, demand for high quality Rubies is rapidly growing. Rubies are the red variety of corundum. These gemstones have a rich history and have been revered throughout different cultures. The intense crimson colour of a ruby is determined by the presence of chromium within the crystal structure. Burmese rubies, known for their deep red color and exceptional quality, have always been highly sought after.Hogans have a select range of Burmese and African rubies that are a beautiful, rich, blood red colour and is the birthstone of July.


The birthstone of May, Emeralds are renowned for their vibrant green colour.

Hogans have a range of elegant Emerald jewellery on display. Natural Emeralds are globally sourced, typically originating from Columbia and Brazil, however the Zambian variety is becoming increasingly popular. Just like Sapphires and Rubies, higher quality Emeralds are exceptionally hard to source.

Emeralds, with their captivating green color, have been cherished since ancient times for their lush beauty and association with nature. They are a variety of the mineral beryl, and their color is derived from traces of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are known for their characteristic inclusions, which are often referred to as the "garden" or "jardin" due to their resemblance to foliage.

Colombian emeralds are particularly renowned for their deep green color and exceptional quality. Emeralds are considered a symbol of rebirth and fertility, and their timeless appeal makes them a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary jewelry designs.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Within the semi-precious gemstone family are a number of beautifully coloured gemstones. From aquamarine to tourmaline, and even morganite, semi-precious gemstones are cherished for their unique colors, patterns, and metaphysical properties.

Amethyst, with its stunning purple hues, is known for its calming and spiritual properties. Citrine, a vibrant yellow gemstone, is associated with abundance and success. Aquamarine, reminiscent of the ocean's blue waters, is believed to enhance communication and soothe the soul. Other popular semi-precious gemstones include garnet, peridot, topaz, opal, and turquoise, each with its own distinct beauty and symbolism.