Crafting New Memories: Recycling Old Gold with Hogans Family Jewellers

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In today's world, where sustainability and meaningful consumption are increasingly becoming a priority, recycling old gold to craft new jewellery has emerged as a shining example of innovation and responsibility in the jewellery industry. At Hogans Family Jewellers, we take pride in the art of transforming sentimental gold pieces into new pieces of jewellery. Not only is this practice cost-effective, but it also aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Essence of Recycling Old Gold
There's a certain magic in breathing new life into cherished pieces of jewellery that hold memories and emotions. Often, individuals possess inherited jewellery or have items that hold deep sentimental value but no longer suit their style. Recycling old gold allows us to honour the past while crafting something fresh and beautiful.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Recycling Gold
In an era where costs can soar, recycling old gold offers a practical and financially sound solution. Precious metals like gold are inherently valuable, and the cost of mining new gold can be significant. By reusing existing gold, we reduce the need for resource-intensive mining operations, which in turn helps maintain a healthier ecological balance. Recycled gold maintains its intrinsic value, making it a smart investment for crafting new jewellery.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling
The environmental benefits of recycling old gold are substantial and align with our responsibility to the planet. Traditional gold mining requires extensive excavation, chemical processes, and energy consumption. On the other hand, recycling gold significantly reduces the demand for such practices, minimising the environmental footprint associated with gold production.

Energy Conservation: Extracting gold from the earth is energy-intensive. Recycling gold requires a fraction of the energy needed to mine and refine new gold. This reduction in energy consumption translates to lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Water Preservation: Mining operations consume vast amounts of water, leading to water scarcity and ecosystem disruptions. By recycling gold, we contribute to the conservation of this precious resource, protecting local water systems and the habitats they support.

Reduction of Waste: Mining and refining processes generate substantial waste and pollution. Recycling old gold minimises the need for such processes, decreasing the overall amount of waste and toxic substances released into the environment.

The Art and Process of Transformation: Crafting New Pieces From Your Old Gold
At Hogans Family Jewellers, our artisans approach each recycled gold project with care and creativity. Transforming old gold into a new piece is a process that blends artistry, skill, and sentiment.

Melting and Refining: The journey begins by melting down old gold pieces to their purest form. This process involves removing impurities and ensuring the gold's quality and authenticity. In some cases, gold does become brittle over time and is not able to be used. Our jewellers will, however, assess the gold during an initial consultation to inform you if this is the case.

Design and Crafting: Using your purified gold, our skilled jewellers will work with you to create a design that best represents you. The artistic process combines traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques with modern aesthetics, resulting in a unique and meaningful piece.

Personalisation: A recycled gold piece becomes truly special when personalised with embellishments such as engraving. Other options include the addition of gemstone, or incorporating elements from multiple pieces can add layers of significance to the new jewellery.

Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Recycled gold undergoes rigorous testing and assessment to ensure it meets the highest standards, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

The Emotional Value of Recycled Gold Jewellery
One of the most remarkable aspects of recycled gold jewellery is the emotional value it holds. By recycling family heirlooms or sentimental pieces, individuals can carry forward the essence of loved ones while embracing their own style. It's a beautiful fusion of the past and present, forging a new chapter in the journey of these cherished possessions.

Recently, we worked with a client to design and remodel their original engagement ring and wedding band. Keeping in theme with the original design, our jeweller and designer, Keelie, incorporated the heart shaped settings into the remodeled ring as a way to pay homage to the original set.

Joining Hands for a Sustainable Future
As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, the choices we make have a profound impact on the environment and our collective future. At Hogans Family Jewellers, we are not just crafting exquisite jewellery; we are weaving the threads of tradition, sustainability, and innovation. By choosing to recycle old gold, you become a part of this meaningful journey towards a greener, more responsible world.

Recycling old gold to craft new jewellery is a harmonious blend of preserving sentiment and embracing sustainability. At Hogans Family Jewellers, our award-winning jewellers are able to breathe new life into your heirlooms by transforming them into new pieces of jewellery, while reducing environmental impact and honouring the story that each piece holds. Through this process, we reaffirm our commitment to both the art of jewellery-making and the well-being of our planet, ensuring that the beauty we create today remains for generations to come.

To book a remodeling design consultation or speak to our team about recycling your old gold for a monetary credit, visit this page


The gold can be purchased by Hogans and paid directly to you, or a store credit can be issued. Alternatively, old jewellery can be remodelled into new pieces such as solid bangles or other desired pieces. To book an initial design consultation, please visit this link.

Yes, we accept yellow, white and rose gold colours that are 9 karat or richer in gold content.

This is dependent of the metal colour and their karat weight, however we can combine the likes of all 9k gold jewellery or all 18k gold.

Our jewellers will closely examine and test each of your pieces on-site to determine their gold percentage and karat weight before we use the current market rate for gold to provide you with a credit amount.

From here, you may decide to proceed with exchanging the pieces for the monetary credit or have them melted down to design and craft an entirely new piece.

A technical refining and re-alloying process is used to ensure that your new gold piece is manufactured using material of the highest standard. Your new piece will be accompanied by the Hogans product guarantee of a lifetime warranty.

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